Yesterday at The Vine




What an amazing day yesterday at our first core group worship gathering for The Vine. Worship, Eucharist, Word, Prayer, Fellowship, Celebration. It was, in a word, beautiful. The weather was perfect, the people excited, the Spirit blessing. I know that God has some incredible things ahead for us as we prepare to launch this new church.

These next few months are going to be a time of equipping, training, worshipping, bonding, loving, learning and growing into what God is calling The Vine to be. A place for New Life, Fresh Growth and Deep Roots. I’m going to be posting some of the info from our vision gathering soon.

Again, it was so good to see so many people ready to do church not as usual, but instead church on the mission of Jesus empowered by the Spirit to live out the gospel.

Love you guys. Let’s make much of Jesus.



This Weekend at The Vine

Wanted to update you about some big announcements for this weekend. Exciting times.

Saturday at 6pm we will have our vision sharing gathering at Brock and Heather’s house. Come out and get a glimpse into the heart and passion of The Vine.

Our first Vine core group worship gathering will be at the Helicopter Playground in Chickamauga. We will start things off at 10:30 with worship, the word and communion. This will be a great day in the life of this brand new community of believers.
After the worship time we will hang out and celebrate the beginning of this great adventure. Bring a covered dish (put food in it) and enough canned drinks for your family. We will play volleyball, horseshoes and let the kids play. It’s gonna be a great day. Hope to see you there.

In, Not Of

The Word (the eternal Son of God, Second Person of the Trinity) became flesh (Jesus, fully God and fully man) and dwelt among us. -John 1:14

Jesus was fully God. He was there at creation. John goes on to tell us that without Him, Jesus, nothing would have been made. He was with God and John says that he was God. Jesus says the same thing about himself. He says if you have seen me you have seen the Father.

Since Jesus is God and left heaven and became a man, an incarnate missionary, he is the ultimate example of being in the world but not of it.

Jesus spent time with the drunkards but wasn’t a drunkard.

Jesus spent time with the prostitutes but was sexually pure.

Jesus spent time with the tax cheats but was financially responsible.

Jesus spent time with liars but always spoke the truth.

Jesus spent time with thieves but was most honest.

Jesus spent time with children and said let them be an example.

Jesus spent time with the sick and was their healer.

Jesus spent time with the troubled parent and was his counsel.

Jesus spent time with the blind and they could see.

Jesus spent time with the cutter and gave him a sound mind.

Jesus spent time with the demonized and revealed his deity.

Jesus spend time with the lepers and was their way back to community.

Jesus spent time with the sinner and forgave their sins.

Jesus spent time with the broken, lost, downtrodden, hurt, confused.

And all those people spent time with him. Why? Because he was God and he loved them. He was truly in the world but not of it.

Generation Ex-Christian

Very good interview with Drew Dyke, an editor at Christianity Today, about his new book “Generation Ex-Christian: Why Young Adults are Leaving the Faith and How to Bring Them Back” over at Here is an excerpt.

Q. What’s the main reason they give for leaving?

A. Most cited intellectual doubts. But often there was more to the story. For example, one young woman spent the better part of an hour detailing her significant intellectual objections. But as the conversation continued, something interesting came to light. She had attended a prominent Christian college, where she’d suffered a mental breakdown after feeling ostracized by the community and betrayed by Christian friends. The timeline of her story was telling. It was shortly after this traumatic experience that she stopped practicing her faith.

Dyke Breaks These “De-Converts” Into Categories:

“Recoilers” leave because they were hurt in the church. They suffered some form of abuse at the hands of someone they saw as a spiritual authority. God was guilty by association.

“Modernists” completely reject supernatural claims. God is a delusion. Any truth beyond science is dismissed as superstition.

“Neo-pagans” refers to those who left for earth-based religions such as Wicca. Not all actually cast spells or participate in pagan rituals, but they deny a transcendent God, and see earth as the locus of true spirituality.

“Spiritual Rebels” flee the faith to indulge in behavior that conflicted with their faith. They also value autonomy and don’t want anyone — especially a superintending deity — telling them what to do.

“Drifters” do not suffer intellectual crises or consciously leave the faith; they simply drift away. Over time God becomes less and less important until one day he’s no longer part of their lives.

Q. Has the church played a role in causing this trend? If so, how can it stem the tide?

A. Many young people have been exposed to a superficial form of Christianity that effectively inoculates them against authentic faith. To stem the tide of young people leaving, I believe churches need to get shift the emphasis away from an entertainment model and back to religious education and spiritual growth.

You can read the entire interview here or go buy the book here. You can also go to and read the first chapter of the book.