Ever feel like church isn’t relevant, or that you have to pass a certain test before they let you in the door? Feel like church is more concerned with the politics of this world than the politics of the next? Like church seems more like a business and not enough like a community of people working together, growing together, being made new together? Ever wonder what Jesus would say about what church looks like today? Ever feel like Christians aren’t a very good representation of Jesus’ commandment to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul and mind; to love our neighbor like ourselves? Me too.

My name is Brock and at the vine church we believe God has something different that He is calling people to. Calling us out of church as usual and into a place of new life, fresh growth and deep roots.

the vine is about NEW LIFE. See, we believe that God loves the world so much that He came to make us new. The biblical word is regeneration. That basically means that what God wants, and why Jesus came was to make all things new. He did that by living a sinless life, dying as our substitute, and being raised to life again. He sent His Spirit to draw us to Him so that His life and work could make us new. God desires for our lives to be made new. This newness can only come from Jesus. But when we allow His Spirit to make us new, it affects every aspect of our lives. Is it possible that you’ve experienced church before, but haven’t experienced the newness that Jesus came to bring? We believe that is the mission of the church; going and telling the world about the new life that Jesus brings, not just with sermons, but also with actions.

the vine is about FRESH GROWTH. Sometimes in our journey things get stagnant. As long as you aren’t growing, you are dying. We believe that on the dry, brittle stem, God wants to bring fresh growth. He wants to water and refresh your life. He wants to pour out His Spirit on you causing what once was alive to be made alive again. Part of this is the theological term Sanctification, where God sets you apart from the death of this world into the life of the Spirit. As you grow in your sanctification, you discover newness to your journey. We will be here to help during that journey.

the vine is about DEEP ROOTS. Do you know someone that has gone to church, maybe said a prayer, but his or her life isn’t a reflection of Jesus? We believe that God desires deeper roots. The deeper and stronger the root, the better the fruit. Like a tree planted by a river, God wants us to be strong and productive. We believe that one way for us to grow deeper is to grow together. We believe that Christianity isn’t meant to be lived alone. That growth occurs when we pray together, laugh together, study together, share together, work together, help others together, hope together, worship together and ultimately live out the Christ-life together.

NEW LIFE, FRESH GROWTH, DEEP ROOTS. That’s what we are about at the vine. A church for those needing something new. That’s our vision. That’s our mission. We want it to become your vision also!

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