2018. The Year of Scripture and Prayer


This year we are recommitting ourselves to the basics of the faith. And there is nothing more elemental to the Christian faith than reading Scripture and prayer. Join us as we read through the Bible in 2018, catechize, pray and fast.

Our Bible reading plan is based on The Bible Project plan and uses the Read Scripture app. Using this app will increase your understanding of scripture as you begin major themes and books with a video introduction. For those without internet access, the weekly reading plan will also be available in our church bulletin.

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We will also increase our understanding of the Faith be utilizing the ancient practice of catechesis. A catechism is a series of questions and answers that help teach theology. We will use The New City Catechism app for this. The app provided a Q&A for each week as well as a devotional reading, Scripture, and prayer. We will also provide a weekly Q&A for those without internet access.  Our Wednesday Prayer Meeting will begin by revisiting the weeks Q&A.

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PrayFirst. This year we will begin in prayer. We invite you to seek God deeply. We invite you to 21 Day Fast and Prayer. You can download a fasting guide here, we even have one for youth. This will help answer questions about types of fasts and why fasting is still a relevant scriptural practice. Won’t you PrayFirst?

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