The Coming. A Christmas Sermon Series and Life Group Study.

The Coming. A Sermon Series on the Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love found in the message of that first Christmas.
Christmas at The Vine:
The Coming. Sermon Series & Life Group starts Sunday, Nov 27
Christmas Party. Sunday, Dec 4 at 6p
Christmas Service. Christmas Eve, Saturday, Dec 24 at 10:30a
No Sunday Evening services throughout.
No service Christmas Day.

Sunday Life Groups:

The Coming Advent Study. The people of God in the Old Testament had to wait for the coming King. Their hope was set on the promises that God told them. In other words, this wasn’t blind waiting; this was waiting with a purpose while trusting in God. Today, we too are waiting for our King. Waiting for the day He returns to establish His Kingdom. So again, the idea is to remind ourselves to do the same thing that Israel had to do: wait. However, remembering that there is meaning in the waiting.