Football Sunday

Football. Friends. Fun. Food. And lifechanging testimonies from current and former NFL players. Invite your friends to this unique gospel sharing opportunity. Come watch the game and hear how the gospel has impacted players and how it can impact us.
5:30 at Pastor Brock & Heather’s house. Bring party food and a drink.

Winter Encounter

Join us Sunday, Feb 11 and Monday, Feb 12 for this two day Winter Encounter. We believe that more than anything else, we need an encounter with God. An authentic Spirit Encounter never leaves us the same. Come, encounter!

Brock Bruce, Pastor, The Vine Church of God – Sunday 11a

Joel Barker, Church Planter, Momentum City, Murfreesboro, TN – Sunday 6p

David Smith, Pastor, Oak Park Church of God, Mobile, AL – Monday 7p

Vintage. Current Sermon Series.

Vintage. Rediscovering the Ancient Paths.

During the next few weeks we will travel the good way, the paths that lead to deeper relationship with God and greater understanding of living in His covenantal promise. We will revisit the ancient practices of Scripture meditation, prayer, fasting, communion, and fellowship. Join and let’s journey together.

Sermon Audio:

Week 1. Scripture:

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Week 2. Fasting:

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Week 3. Prayer:

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Week 4. Communion

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Week 5. Fellowship